Techno titans Slam remix Glasvegas’ single ‘Shake The Cage (für Theo)’

The opposite ends of Glasgow‘s sonic spectrum have come together with techno titans Slam remixing the latest track from rockers Glasvegas, Shake The Cage (für Theo).

While the two acts have flown the flag for Scottish music, they have not yet teamed up on any projects – a situation that changed when Glasvegas frontman and songwriter James Allan came up with Shake The Cage (für Theo), a driving electronic track with spoken word lyrics dedicated to his young nephew Theo.

Slam‘s Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle got wind of the track, and a collaborative venture was born. You can stream/download it here.

“I think when it comes to remixing a song it can be more possible to find a way in when you’re coming at it from a different angle,” Allan commented. “Glasvegas and Slam are pretty much coming from opposite sides, but that kinda just means they found a way into the song that was completely different from where I was. Dressing it up in a different way, and it still suits the song. I’m glad we got the chance to work together.

“The remix sounds quite vicious, and you can never really go wrong with that. I urge the listener to turn it up loud and let their house fall down. It will be worth it.”

According to Slam’s Stuart McMillan, the two acts were introduced to each other at the height of the lockdown period by a mutual friend.

“The track just seemed to fit the mood of the world then as it does now,” he says. “When we heard the song we loved the experimental and emotional elements of the original. That’s something we tried to keep when we made the remix.”

As to the track itself? “It’s a fusion of distorted and dark broken beat electronica,” says McMillan. “A bleak unsettling undercurrent in juxtapose with the emotive nature of the strings and vocals from the original track.”

Shake The Cage originally appeared on Glasvegas’ most recent album Godspeed.

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