Orbital unveil a devilish reworking of their classic track ‘Satan’

Orbital have unveiled a new edit of their classic track Satan, which was first released in 1991.

The breakbeat-powered track, which has long been a live favourite, has been reimagined as a baroque, 4:4 groove, the Satan (30 Something Years Later Remix) and was released on 8 December on Orbital Recordings Ltd. via London Records.

Satan, originally released on the III EP, saw the duo embrace darker sounds and create a bona-fide rave classic.

“Satan, written before the dawn of chime,” the group said in a statement. “Through thick and thin it has always remained in the live set.

“This track has naturally evolved, shape-shifting over time, taking on many forms. This current incarnation of Satan is how we play it now. It is a far cry from its humble beginnings harking back to the Belgium Nu Beat style which was popular at the time Satan was born in Dunton Green. Never play it backwards after midnight.”

You can download/stream it here. Photo by Martyn Goodacre (from some time ago, we suspect). 🙂

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