Matt Morton’s ‘Apollo 11’ soundtrack lets us party like its 1969…

Matt Morton’s Apollo 11 soundtrack lets us party like its 1969…

This summer (July 20 to be exact) marks the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon, and building on the success of last year’s First Man, the feature-length documentary Apollo 11 looks set to be one of the most talked about over the coming months.

While the trailer looks impressive, the soundtrack, composed by Ohio-born multi-instrumentalist Matt Morton is a touch of genius, if you ask us.

Matt wrote, orchestrated and performed all the music for the documentary using one strict guideline… the instruments and effects used had to have been available at the time of the moon landing in 1969.

With that in mind, expect a generous helping of Moog modular synthesiser IIIc, a dash of Binson Echorec 2 and plenty of Mellotron, an instrument made famous by The Beatles on Strawberry Fields Forever.

Here are a couple of videos of Matt experimenting with the 1968 Moog Synthesizer IIIc he used for the score.

Truly epic stuff.

The soundtrack is available on Amazon for download, but there’s no sign of it on Spotify yet, so you’ll have to make do with this teaser track.

Here at 909originals, we’d love for this to start a trend… imagine Daft Punk’s next album, recorded entirely on the equipment lying around in Thomas Bangalter’s attic circa 1994/95?

We live in hope. 🙂

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