Eric Schlosser raves it up [October 1998]…

Author Eric Schlosser is probably better known for his damning critique of the fast food industry, in Fast Food Nation. But before he flipped Ronald McDonald’s burger the wrong way, he penned this piece about Manchester’s music scene for The Atlantic

Dating from 1998, what starts out as an enjoyable piece of fly on the wall journalism, with plenty of gratuitous embellishment (the outskirts of Manchester is awash with ’empty lots, abandoned factories, warehouses with broken windows – an industrial wasteland’), is notable for its depiction of legendary nightclub The Hacienda:

‘The crowd parted for us, a bouncer opened the door, the calm of the street fell away, and we stepped into the maelstrom of a teenage party, hot and sweaty, with people dancing, strobe lights flashing, and music so loud it seemed to have acquired a physical presence – so loud that I could not only hear it but feel it, as though a stiff breeze were emanating from the speakers and somehow penetrating to the bone.’

Even Ronald McDonald would get nostalgic about that description…

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