ROUND 1, MATCH 13. Technotronic – ‘Pump Up The Jam’ vs Rednex – ‘Cotton Eye Joe’

Two very different tracks go head to head in the next Eurodance 2021 matchup, with Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam taking on Rednex’s Cotton Eye Joe.

Released in 1989, Pump Up The Jam achieved what few house tracks could manage – breaking through in the US market – as well as reaching the chart summit in several European countries. More recently, it has also become something of an internet sensation, as the soundtrack to a myriad of Tik Tok clips. Meanwhile, Cotton Eye Joe, from Swedish Eurodance group Rednex, combined pumping beats and square dancing to create one of the 90s’ most idiosyncratic hits. But which is your favourite?

You can listen to both tracks below, and cast your vote – remember the poll closes in 24 hours, so get voting, and get sharing. More information on the competition, as well as the match schedule, can be found here.

Let’s get ready to rumble… 🙂 #eurodance2021

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Technotronic - 'Pump Up The Jam' vs Rednex - 'Cotton Eye Joe'

Technotronic – ‘Pump Up The Jam’

Rednex – ‘Cotton Eye Joe’

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