#MyRecordBag – Azzecca’s favourite acid tracks

Up and coming artist Azzecca broke through with her debut track I’ve Been Waiting on Diplo’s Higher Ground last year, and since then, the Chicago native has graced events and venues such as EDC Vegas, Portola, fabric London, and ARC Music Festival with her upfront sound.

Elsewhere, her most recent EP, Tell That Boy, has been rinsed by the likes of John Summit, Vintage Culture, Gorgon City and Dom Dolla.

She’s due to the take to the stage at Seismic Dance Event, which returns to The Concourse Project in Austin, Texas, this coming weekend (10-12 November) – details here – but ahead of that, 909originals asked Azzecca to share her favourite acid tracks, for our #MyRecordBag feature.

As she tells 909originals, “I get so much production inspiration from both classic and modern acid sounds – from percussion to leads and basslines. You have to be careful when DJing not to overdo the acid though, so I have a playlist full of tracks with different vibes and different acid sounds that I know I can play at any time.” 🙂

Dimmish – Rave

“This is such a fun track, it’s perfect for getting the party started with a nice, solid groove.”

The Trip – For the Record

“This is another groovy track that keeps people moving. I love pretty much everything The Trip puts out these days.”

Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousness (Damian Lazarus Re Shape)

“The original is a classic, but Damian’s Re-Shape has become one of the staple songs in my sets. The acid sounds throughout the track aren’t overwhelming, but the breakdown and build at 3:30 is epic. This track goes off without fail.”

Known Artist- X83

“This is just one of my favourite tracks of all time. It’s euphoric and groovy and delicious.”

Jex Opolis – Soft Guidance (Insomnia Mix)

“This is one of the grooviest tracks ever. The vibe just builds and builds throughout the entire eight minutes.”

Guau, Bowser – Acid Bits

“This one is rowdy, and it’s so much fun to play it at peak time when you feel like the crowd needs to be slapped in the face a bit.”

808 State -In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)

“If you know me, you know I’ll jump at any opportunity to play a Bicep track and this one has some yummy euphoric acid.”

Slam – Positive Education

“This is another one of my favourite tracks. It’s a non-stop groover and doesn’t have any big breaks or builds which is nice when you want to keep people moving.”

Juliet Fox – You Better Run

“Acid Techno. I just love this one – so fun to play at a festival.”

Belocca – Chemical Substance

“This is another big Acid Techno track that I love to play. People lose their mind every time, the suspense and release in this track is close to perfect.”

Veerus – Heavy

“Love everything about this track. It’s hard and fun and quirky.”

Spray – VT Trad

“I love most things by Spray. This one is fast and quirky and fun.”

Azzecca ‘U Fool/Tell That Boy’ is out now on Higher Ground. Get it here.

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