#MyRecordBag – DJ 3000’s all-time Detroit classics

DJ 3000 has long been connected to the world of Detroit techno, having been given his alias by no other than ‘Mad’ Mike Banks of Underground Resistance, following on from the release of the Somewhere in Detroit mix series on Submerge Recordings.

His upcoming album, Mezë, on his own Motech Records, exhibits the techno sound that he has become synonymous with, while also incorporating Balkan vibes – a tribute to his family’s Albanian origins. The 20-track long player is due to be released on 17 November, and has been preceded by the Mezë EP, which features four tracks from the album, Mezë, Humble Quest, Tanbur and Snake Eyes. It’s available from 20 October – more information here.

For 909originals #MyRecordBag series, we asked DJ 3000 to name his all-time Detroit classics – and he’s come up with some absolute belters. Over to you, DJ 3000!

Cybotron – Clear [Fantasy]

“It’s quite a journey how I first heard this track. I was around 11 or 12 years old, back in elementary school. My friends and I were breakdancers, and this was one of our go-to tracks to dance to. Little did I know that many years later, it would come full circle as techno. I’m still a vinyl-only DJ, and this record never leaves my DJ bag.”

Underground Resistance – Final Frontier [Underground Resistance]

“I can’t remember when I first heard this, maybe around 1995 of 1996, but I was instantly hooked due to the blend of electro drums and the mesmerising 303 acid line.”

Psyche – Crack Down [Transmat]

“Recorded under Carl Craig’s ‘Psyche’ alias, this track oozes soul. The rhythmic swing of the drums, the remarkable bassline, and the lush pads simply grab hold of you. Such a big tune!”

Octave One – Siege [430 West]

“I still spin this record today – there’s no other Detroit record quite like it. Octave One has a unique knack for blending dark yet funky melodies.”

Dopplereffekt – Superior Race [Dataphysix Engineering]

“This is a Detroit classic, embraced by DJs of every genre, from house to ghetto.”

Reese & Santonio – How To Play Our Music [KMS]

“I consider this record from Santonio and Kevin Saunderson to be highly underrated. The bassline and utilisation of the vocal sample are top-notch.”

Shake – Electron Rider [Frictional]

“The baseline takes center stage here, complemented by the skilful manipulation of the vocal sample. I believe this is one of Shake’s underrated tracks.”

Electric Soul – X2 [Direct Beat]

“Mad Mike’s Electric Soul alias instantly became a classic on late-night mix shows in Detroit, and continues to receive regular play to this day.”

Fix – Flash [KMS]

“Orlando Voorn crafted this hit record featuring a widely recognised P-Funk sample.”

Sole Tech – Jit Anthem [Detrechno Records]

“This is an anthem of Detroit, need I say more?”

Thanks to DJ 3000 for the playlist. Mezë is released on Motech Records on 17 November. Check out other playlists in the #MyRecordBag series here.

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