909originals talks to HiFi Sean about the enduring legacy of Patrick Cowley

HiFi Sean has announced a series of remixes of Patrick Cowley‘s Primitive World, set to be released on KooKoo Records on 22 September.

The five-track EP, which includes a HiFi Sean Mix, HiFi Sean Dub, Hifi Sean Bonus Beats remix version, as well as an acapella and the original track, sees HiFi Sean, aka Sean Dickson, add some dancefloor vibes to the Hi-NRG original.

Cowley originally released Primitive World in 1982, on the album Mind Warp – his third and final studio album before his untimely death the same year.

As anyone that frequents this site regularly will know, we’re big fans of Patrick Cowley here at 909originals HQ – the New York native was instrumental in the establishment of post-disco and hi-NRG, and was one of many figures that helped pave the way for the house music boom of the 1980s.

909originals caught up with HiFi Sean to chat about the new remix and the influence of Cowley’s music on the dance scene.

Hi Sean, thanks for talking to us. How did the opportunity to remix Primitive World come about?

The lovely guys at Unidisc asked me to choose a Cowley track from their catalogue to remix, and straight away I realised I always used to play Primitive World like a DJ tool, using the beats to mix over it another track and create a cool segue.

So I wondered what it would be like to turn it into more than just beats and an acapella, and turn it into a full sleazy backroom afro-acid Italo track, like he would have if it was one of his full productions.

How did you first encounter Cowley’s music?

I co-ran an electro – disco weekly party with my best mate Alan at Glasgow School Of Art for five years called ‘Record Playerz’. It was infamous in Glasgow for a hedonistic night out.

We would rinse the hell out of Cowley’s lesser known gems at that party, and Primitive World was always my jam.

Did Patrick Cowley’s music influence any of your own work?

God yeah – he was the king of arpeggios and cowbells. Sleazy crisco disco for the darkroom… always a winner !

Why do you think Patrick Cowley is one of those artists that always seems to be ‘discovered’ by new generations?

Because original good music and original good beats never die, they just get rediscovered by each new wave of party people who know a phat groove, a soulful killer song and tripped out production when they hear one.

Class never dates. The word is ‘timeless’.

Patrick Cowley – Primitive World (Hifi Sean Remixes) is released on 22 September and can be pre-ordered here.


1 – Primitive World (Hifi Sean Mix)
2 – Primitive World (Hifi Sean Dub)
3 – Primitive World
4 – Primitive World (Hifi Sean Bonus Beats)
5 – Primitive World (Acapella)

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