Former Mixmag reporter Kirk Field opens up about 90s rave culture in new book, ‘Rave New World’

As a ‘raving’ reporter for Mixmag in the 90s, Kirk Field experienced some of the world’s most hedonistic parties first-hand, and he has put his experiences from that time in a new book, Rave New World.

Featuring a motley crew of characters, from Diego Maradona to Genesis P-Orridge, and from Boris Yeltsin to Boy George, and with chapter titles such as ‘The Lady’s Not For Gurning’,‘Turn On, Tune In, Drop One’, and ‘From Russia With A Dove’, the book blends first-person narrative, insider anecdotes and social commentary… with a generous helping of dancefloor madness.

In fact, as casual summer reads go – whether on a beach in Ibiza or elsewhere – it’s just the tonic – a postcard of hedonism that will appeal to anyone who’s ever put their hands in the air like they just don’t care.

As former Mixmag editor and DJ Dave Seaman puts it, “A wonderful first-hand account, direct from the front line. Kirk Field was right there in the eye of the storm of those early, incredible, halcyon days of rave. His wide-eyed enthusiasm lights up every page as he blazes through anecdote after anecdote from a truly pivotal time in the UK’s cultural history.”

Rave New World – Confessions Of A Raving Reporter by Kirk Field is released on 22 June. More information can be found here.

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