Mixmaster Morris’ hour-long mix of FSOL’s ‘Papua New Guinea’ is exactly the sort of positive energy we need at the start of 2021…

Ambient maestro Mixmaster Morris‘ ’60 minute mixes’ of artists ranging from Kate Bush to Dub Syndicate have been among our lockdown highlights in recent months, with the pick of these arguably the hour-long rework of Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love, which was unveiled last June.

Now, however, the self-styled Irresistible Force has exceeded his already high standards with the unveiling of a 63-minute mix of the ethereal Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London, which turns 30 years old this year.

As Morris put it on Twitter back in early December, “I have 34 mixes of Papua New Guinea, that would make a nice mix..”

This in turn led to the realisation of a mix that is just the tonic for the post Christmas and New Years blues, and is so uplifting is should be condensed into tablet form and distrbuted by the NHS.

Hats off to Mixmaster Morris… more please. 🙂

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