Flavie Guerrand’s ‘I Slid Across the Dancefloor’ captures nightlife up close and personal

Photographer Flavie Guerrand brings her ‘I Slid Across the Dancefloor’ exhibition to Berlin’s dot venue in January, showcasing more than a decade’s worth of raves, clubs, after-parties through photographs of those in attendance.

Having grown up in France during the 1990s, where she immersed herself in the techno scene – “It was a brief moment in time where it felt like something really unique was happening,” she says – she moved to Berlin in 2009, and found her space in the blossoming queer scene.

Among the venues featured are La Java in Paris, at Ficken3000 in Berlin, as well as numerous private after-parties… some of which run into the following day.

As a Resident Advisor preview for the exhibition puts it, “Her work focuses on the communities created by the dancefloor, encapsulating the decadent youth both wild and fragile. In spontaneous style, she captures the state of her friends, electric and sexual behaviours. During the after and the after-after-parties, she crystalizes their beauty and erotic aura, their vulnerability and their strength.

“Portraits evolving in an environment where there is frustration, loneliness, abuse, anxiety and desire.”

Not altogether unsuitable for these strange times, in other words.

Due to the current COVID restrictions in Berlin, the exact start date for the exhibition, taking place at dot Berlin, Malmöerstrasse 3, 10439 Berlin, hasn’t yet been announced, but it will “certainly extend until March,” Guerrand told 909originals.

Check out a selection of photos below, thanks to Flavie for sending us these.

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