This album reviewer REALLY didn’t like Snap!’s World Power when it was released in 1990…

Of all the Eurodance projects of the early 90s, Germany’s Snap! are one of the most fondly remembered, with tracks such as The Power and Rhythm Is A Dancer storming the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

The duo behind Snap!, Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing, were previously part of New Beat outfit Off (alongside a young Sven Väth), and in teaming up with rapper Turbo B and vocalist Penny Ford, their debut album, World Power, was a blend of hip house and piano-led rhythms that sold more than five million copies worldwide.

Select, July 1990

Not that everybody was enamoured by the group’s efforts, however, with Select magazine’s Andrew Harrison offering a particularly damning appraisal of the album upon its release, in the July 1990 edition of the magazine.

“World Power demonstrates as abundantly as the recent slew of hopeless Italian house hits that most European dance artists grab the wrong end of any given stick and hang on for grim death,” he wrote.

“Snap have One Hit Wonders written all over them in luminous capital letters. World Power is too nondescript fo the chart audience, too painfully undanceable for the ravers – it simply doesn’t ring true. And with a Snap, they’re gone.”

The full review can be found below:

Harsh words indeed… Here’s the album in full, so you can make up your own mind. 🙂

[Clipping taken from the July 1990 edition of Select Magazine, uploaded by the good people at Select Magazine Scans]

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