I can’t get no sleep… Faithless’ debut album ‘Reverence’ turns 22 … [April 1996]

Coming five months on from the single that established Faithless as a headline dance act – InsomniaReverence was the group’s first album, taking cues from the growing trip hop movement, and bringing in elements of rap, trance, progressive house and downtempo.

Today, 8 April, marks 22 years since its release.

Released on producer Rollo’s Cheeky label, Reverence sounded unlike anything else released at the time, bar perhaps DJ Shadow’s Entroducing, launched in September of the same year; such was the blend of genres therein.

Little known fact – frontman Maxi Jazz had earned relative recognition prior to joining the group with his own Namu label, and once Faithless disbanded in 2011, he took on a role as director of his beloved Crystal Palace FC.

And as this Wunderground article from a couple of years back indicates, yes, he finally HAS got some sleep… oh the hilarity!

[Kudos to Ellen Ripley for the YouTube upload]

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