Founded in October 1992 in Liverpool, Cream is still one of the biggest names in clubland, and while its residency at Nation lasted a little under a decade, the brand lives on through festivals, compilations and a longstanding Ibiza residency.

Back in February 1995, Cream was very much in its Bacchanalian pomp… enough of a reason for northern TV network Granada Reports to send along a camera crew to capture the madness.

The segment also features an interview with co-founder and resident James Barton, who attempts to sum up the club’s appeal.

“The atmosphere we create helps bring some great people here, and those people bring other great people with them,” he explains.

“We’re replacing the pop stars – if you like – for the teenagers coming up. Kids, instead of picking up guitars are picking up records, decks and samplers and synthesizers, and they’re making dance music. […] We’re filling the void that was left by Echo & The Bunnymen, and people like that.”

And as for the notoriously difficult doormen? 

“No moustaches, no gold sovereigns, and no gold necklaces,” general manager Claire Lambe explains. 

I guess Harry Enfield’s ‘Scousers’ weren’t regulars then…

[Kudos to oldskoolliverpool for the YouTube upload]

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