OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down

It’s not often that you can say that the title of a track does exactly what it says on the tin, but when OT Quartet christened this tune the Builds Like A Skyscraper mix, they were bang on the money.

Released in September 1994, Hold That Sucker Down was produced by Rollo Armstrong, who would go on to found Faithless the following year, and Rob Dougan (with Colette on vocals – it’s not clear who the fourth member of this supposed ‘quartet’ was supposed to be).

The ‘OT’ in this instance refers to ‘Our Tribe’ the name under which Rollo and Dougan recorded in the early 90s.

As was previously reported on 909originals, 1994 was arguably the year in which trance hit the mainstream, and Hold That Sucker Down was an early trendsetter in this regard.

Released on Rollo’s Cheeky label, it’s the only release credited to OT Quartet in music history – after recording a track so perfect, why ruin a good thing?

[Kudos to clubb guide for the YouTube upload]

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