Pot, Kettle, Black…! Only joking, I think Judge Jules is making a good point here… [July 1997]

There are few things worse than a marauding gang of pissed-up idiots taking over the dancefloor, and back in the summer of 1997, Judge Jules took matters into his own hands when he ‘called out’ a bunch of idiots that were disrupting the night at Gatecrasher in Sheffield.

As this Mixmag snippet from July 1997 explains, Jules stopped his set to take to the mic and shout, “Oi, you wankers! […] This is not a place for beered-up lager lads. This is a place where people come to dance and have a good time. The reason 500 people have been turned away from this club tonight is to stop twats like you coming in and ruining it for everyone else…”

Now, from what I remember of Judge Jules, he was a fairly mild mannered chap at the best of times (I have to confess, I wasn’t a fan of his DJing), but his words on this occasion were absolutely spot on.

As one onlooker put it, “It’s nice to know he cared enough to do something.”

And as per yesterday’s post about smartphone use in clubs, the issue of ‘wankers’ ruining quality nights out isn’t a new occurrence, it would seem… 😦

[Snippet taken from Mixmag, July 1997]

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