Few dance producers can cite 17th century Baroque composers and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick as influences, but in releasing The Orange Theme back in November 1994, producers Matthias Hoffmann and Ralf Hildenbeutel, also known as Cygnus X, paid a fulsome homage to both.

This tech trance belter is derived from Wendy Carlos‘ interpretation (for the film A Clockwork Orange) of Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary, by Henry Purcell – listen to its evolution below – and was backed by the similarly evocative Introspective, on Eye Q Records.

Where I (and no doubt countless others) first heard it though, was on the first FACT mix CD from Carl Cox, released the following year, kicking CD2 off with a bang – Cox’s mix into Thomas Heckmann’s Amphetamine is pretty tasty as well.

Evolution of a classic:

Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary, Henry Purcell, 1695…

A Clockwork Orange – Opening Theme, Wendy Carlos, 1971…

The Orange Theme, Cygnus X, 1994…

[Kudos to protestant7, CINEMA CLIPS, and Trance Classics for the YouTube uploads]

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