Throwback Thursday: Sabres Of Paradise: Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)

Here at 909originals, I’ve decided to use Thursdays as an opportunity to dig into the record box of history and appreciate some of the most important tunes (some well-known, some not so well-known) from electronic music’s lengthy tapestry…

For the first of these, I’m going back to 1993, and what at the time was arguably Andy Weatherall‘s finest hour (Screamadelica notwithstanding).

Sabres of Paradise, which featured Andy alongside Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns (and took their name from a B-side by now-forgotten 80s band Haysi Fantayzee) kicked off their short career with Smokebelch II on Warp Records, however it was the follow up EP, Smokebelch II (Remixes), first released in September 1993, that contains the classic ‘Beatless’ mix, four minutes and 15 seconds of blissful Balearic joy.

The tune would go on to feature on countless mid-90s chill out compilations, most notably Jose Padilla’s first Café Del Mar album, and to this day is still essential for DJs looking to soundtrack a summer sunset (or sunrise for that matter)…

Buy it on Beatport here:

[Thanks to alelevoyage for the Youtube upload]

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