Stacey Pullen on Derrick May’s influence…

Without Elvis, there wouldn’t have been the Beatles. Without Derrick May, there wouldn’t have been Stacey Pullen… one of Detroit’s consistently brilliant DJs.

As part of Electronic Beats‘ ‘Mentors’ series (from 2015), Stacey Pullen recalls how he was ‘inspired’ by the Strings Of Life producer’s sets in Detroit’s Music Institute.

“He projected this awesome force when he was DJing that resonated with the crowd on the dance floor. That’s key to being a DJ: you have to be able to connect with the people.”

It’s a great story of a “big brother-little brother” style relationship of two leading pioneers of the early techno scene. Stacey is still touring, and still rocking the house, as this set from Toronto in May illustrates…. [Kudos to deepman for the Mixcloud upload]

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